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RIDE REPORT (15aug2020): The DAMn - Day Across Minnesota - A Great Plan Meets Physical and Mechanical Reality

  MINNEAPOLIS, United States (GNN, the Gravel News Network) -- Gerasimos G. "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." The source of this quote is Mike Tyson, but he might have been quoting Socrates, or maybe the kid in our neighborhood who threatened a man in the paint store after he was asked why he like the Beatles instead of the Rolling Stones. Prologue... When you have a plan, especially a really detailed one, the proper thing to do when it goes wrong is to share it. This is critical for the betterment of our species, especially our subspecies of cylcus humanus. We must not continue to fool ourselves into planning for the unplannable. Therefore, consider what follows to be part recap, part confession.  The Day Across Minnesota... A word about  The DAMn ,  since not everyone reading will know. The Day Across Minnesota is a 240-mile gravel road race that starts at 12:00a at the first click of a Saturday in August in Gary, South Dakota and traverses the widt