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RIDE REPORT (18aug2018): The DAMN - Day Across Minnesota (year #2) -- 249 miles of a 240 mile race

MINNEAPOLIS, United States (GNN, the Gravel News Network) -- Gerasimos G. For a while I'd heard it was not going to happen.  The Day Across Minnesota, "The DAMn", which was run for the first time last year (2017) was a massive undertaking.  There was never anything or anyone that said the DAMn would be run every year until eternity. Events like this are built on the passions of individuals who somehow convince others of their vision and then proceed to weave together the details of something amazing, then deliver what becomes a life milestone for dozens or hundreds of people.  Sounds like Willie Nelson on tour but this tour schedule has only date per year, and like Willie, you never know if there'll be another year until that year comes. (LINK: DAMn website and facebook page ).   So, I suppose this "report" is starting with gratitude, so let me stay with that and say thanks to Trenton for his incredible vision and organization of the

THE ASK - Raising some DAMN money for Fresh Energy!

Hey all! Well, there used to be only one (major) thing I did each year that made many of you question my sanity --- jumping into Lake Minnetonka every January 1st.  Then there was this gravel bike event introduced last year --  The Day Across Minnesota, aka "The DAMn"  -- and that brought the list to two. For anyone new to this topic of my gravel cycling meanderings, the DAMn is a 240-mile gravel route across the entire state of Minnesota, starting in Gary SD at midnight on Friday night (Saturday morning at 12:00a).  Riders must complete the full 240 mile route in under 24hrs, so this means riding in the dark, through the dawn and daytime and into the next evening ... and no sleeping on the job!  Last year, our trio completed it in 20hrs, arriving at 8pm Saturday evening to a very satisfyingly cold beer at the finish line in Hager City, WI. Some of you may recall that last year I used my silly adventure to  raise some smart money for Fresh Energy ( www.fresh-