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RIDE REPORT - GERMANY - Gravel Adventure in Lower Alps of Upper Bavaria (jul2018)

Gravel News Network (GNN) - RIDE REPORT - GERMANY: Gravel Adventure in Lower Alps of Upper Bavaria (Munich, Germany) -- July 7, 2018 [Strava link: ] I learned a lot from cartoons growing up. Things like blues, opera, country twang, vaudeville, and that you can survive having an anvil landing on your head after jumping into a canyon.  I didn't learn how to build a bike on TV, but pretty sure I learned how to eject myself from one mid-air thanks to too many Evel Kenevel replays on Wide World of Sports. I also picked up too many bad habits from Clint Eastwood movies, Elvis concert videos, and the like -- samples of macho nonsense singed into the inside edges of my skull that sometimes light up and emerge in a loop of things like "I don't go looking for gravel, it finds me soon enough." Well, that's kinda what happened in Germany over the last couple of weeks.