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RACE REPORT (14oct2018): The FILTHY 50 -- finally filthy, so very filthy

MINNEAPOLIS, United States (GNN, the Gravel News Network) -- Gerasimos G. One of the greatest mysteries in the Minnesota gravel cycling scene is how a race called the "Filthy 50" has gone so long without really getting filthy.  I mean, it's a mid-October event in Minnesota where there have been blizzards on Halloween.  Sure, the race has been dusty, but all of my memories of the Filthy 50 are filled with images of sun and mild (or hot!) temps. I don't think I've worn a jacket. Ever. (link: The combination of the relatively shorter distance and the weather history (along with the fact that it is late in the season so riders are in good form) has made the Filthy 50 into the "gateway drug" for gravel cycling.  I don't count the names beyond my friends, but I know that the Filthy has been the first gravel event for probably a dozen of them. All that changed on Sunday.  If Trenton had, as legend has i